Channels is a full-body immersive touch installation.  Using natural gestures and organic user interfaces, a user can navigate through a virtual water scene by physically interacting with tanks of water — paddle, row, and float your way through space and time.

Design & Development

Sit in a boat and experience being “on the water” by organically controlling your virtual environment with natural gestures. Paddling in the water with your hands controls your speed and direction as you explore a virtual water world. The faster you paddle, the faster you will glide forward through the virtual scene. You can also glide backwards in the scene by paddling in reverse. The left and right water buckets are individually programmed to respond to subtle changes in direction, mimicking the physics of a real boat.

Channels was co-created by Suzanne Kirkpatrick and Alvin Chang, who developed the arduino-based microcontroller circuit and the virtual water scene using Processing and OpenGL.  Interaction Designer, Ginny Hung, created the graphic art and helped build the physical installation pieces. Total production time 3 weeks.